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    Our objective is to build long term relationships and provide personalized health care for our patients! Learn a little bit more about us...

    Victoria Park Pharmacy is a local independent pharmacy that was established over 50 years ago with the sole purpose of providing high quality personalized care to patients around the East York community. Our pharmacy team specializes in diabetes and geriatric care. At Victoria Park Pharmacy, we take the time to make sure all your needs are met and questions are answered to the highest degree. We look forward to working with you to achieve all your health care goals!

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  • What We Offer To Our Patients

    Medication Blister Packaging

    Our pharmacy can package medications into simple and easy to remember blister packs or dosettes, so your loved ones or yourself will never miss any doses of medications!

    Medication Review/Consultation

    We provide medication reviews to make sure your medication regimen is optimized to get the most benefits while minimizing side effects.

    Flu Shot / Vaccinations

    Bring your vaccinations to our pharmacy and our skilled pharmacists trained to provide injections will administer them for you to save you a trip to the doctor's office!


    Note: Please call the pharmacy ahead of time to ensure your vaccination is eligible to be given by a pharmacist as per college regulations.

    Free Educational Seminars

    Our pharmacists would love to share their knowledge and experience to your friends and family. Please call or e-mail us to schedule a seminar.​

    Medication Delivery

    We understand not everyone can always drop by to our pharmacy to pick up their medications, so give us a call and we can deliver your medications right to your door step!

    Medication Disposal

    Don't need your pill bottles anymore or your disposable sharps container is full? Come by to our pharmacy and we will dispose your medications for you.

    Non-Sterile Compounding

    Looking for a custom made medication not on the market? Come drop off your prescription for your compound and we will give you a call when it is ready!

    Methadone/Buprenorphine Dispensing

    Our pharmacy safely dispenses methadone and buprenorphine for over 30 years in the East York community.

    Home Visits

    Schedule an appointment with our pharmacists for a visit to your home to help organize your medication cabinet and dispose of any unused medications.

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    Call us at 416 752 0888 to order your prescription today!


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    Give us a call or e-mail so we can get to know you.


    Prescription Transfer

    We will take care of the paperwork to transfer pharmacies.


    Medication Pick Up/ Deliver

    Drop by our pharmacy to pick up your medications or we can deliver it to you!

  • Our Pharmacists

    Chris and Walter!

    Chris Wong

    PharmD, BCGP (geriatric specialist)


    My name is Chris Wong and I graduated from the University of Toronto in 2015. I started off my practice in the hospital setting working at various hospitals including Belleville General Hospital, Mackenzie Health Hospital and North York General Hospital. I then developed a strong clinical interest towards geriatric medicine which naturally propelled me to learning more about geriatric pharmacy and receiving my Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist certification in 2018.


    In August of 2018, I decided to step down from full-time hospital pharmacy work to part-time and became the co-owner of Victoria Park Pharmacy. I saw a need to help educate patients in the community so that I can hopefully prevent some of these patients from being admitted to the hospital in the future. Currently, I practice at both North York General Hospital and Victoria Park Pharmacy.


    I believe in empowering patients through education to take control of their own health. I enjoy providing education to patients in various avenues such as public presentations, medication reviews/consultations, or even through a simple telephone conversation. It is true that the profession of pharmacy is always changing, but at Victoria Park Pharmacy, our philosophy of patients come first will always be the foundation. I look forward to meeting you and making a difference for your health care.


    Walter Lum

    B. Sc. Pharm, CDE (diabetes specialist)


    My name is Walter Lum. I am a pharmacist who graduated in 1989 at the University of Toronto. I worked as an intern and staff pharmacist for a Guardian pharmacy during the 1st year after I graduated. After that, in 1990, I worked as a full- time staff pharmacist for Shoppers Drug Mart in North York. Then in 1993, I relocated to another Shoppers Drug Mart in Scarborough, continuing as a full-time staff pharmacist.


    In 2004, I became the pharmacy manager of the same Shoppers Drug Mart. In 2006, after taking a few management courses, I became an associate/owner for another Shoppers Drug Mart located in Scarborough. In 2008, the Shoppers Drug Mart that I was an associate/owner of , was renovated to become an 18,000 square feet large format store offering not only a pharmacy but an expanded cosmetics section, larger front store, a photolab and an extensive food section. In December of 2010, I stepped down as the associate /owner of the Shoppers Drug Mart and became the co-owner of Victoria Park Pharmacy. I have worked all of my professional career in the retail pharmacy environment and enjoy the relationships with customers and the challenges of this environment. During my tenure in Shoppers Drug Mart, I have had the wonderful opportunity to be a preceptor to several pharmacy students, interns and international pharmacy graduates.


    I enjoy learning new things and look forward in participating in the expanded scope of practice that the profession of pharmacy is currently undergoing. In June of 2012, I have become a certified diabetes educator and received certification from the Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Board. This will help me to better serve our diabetes customers that we have in our store.

  • Products

    Check out our specialty products!


    All natural honey based moisturizer for variety of skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema, sunburns, dry hands, allergic rashes, dermatitis etc. Perfect for those who have sensitive skin as the product is paraben and fragrance free.



    Organic plant calcium supplement for osteoporosis patients with low bone mineral density. Much higher absorption than traditional rock-sourced calcium supplements resulting in less side effects such as bloating, constipation, or nausea.



    Also known as Empower Plus. EMP is a broad spectrum micronutrient supplement to help improve mental and physical well-being specifically in conditions such as bipolar disorder, depression, ADHD, anxiety, fatigue, autism, and stress.



    Ultimate Glucosamine

    Once daily sweet- tasting powder consisting of 100% N-acetylglucosamine to aid in joint lubrication for those with arthritis. Ultimate Glucosamine is free of additives, salts or preservatives and contains more of the biologically active ingredient.



    NutraSea Omega -3

    Made from ultra-pure, sustainably sourced fish to improve brain development, cognitive function, and cardiovascular health. Also comes in formulation made from plant-sourced ingredients derived from algae with NutraVege.


    Soapstones Natural Skincare

    Canadian-based premium all natural skincare products produced from the highest quality vegetable oils, olive oils, cocoa and shea butters, mineral-rich clays and healing essential oils. All products are not tested at any stage on animals.


    Pi Water

    Also known as “living water” as it contains small amounts of ferric ferrous iron which promotes optimal health and well-being as well as improving the taste. Pi Water is processed through Reverse Osmosis removing harmful contaminants.




    Metagenics is an industry leader of high quality supplements with over 300 scientifically formulated nutritional solutions to help patients achieve their health and wellness goals. Supplements are tailored to individual patient needs ranging from features such as colors derived from natural sources, no artificial sweeteners, gluten-free products, non-GMO products, and vegetarian products. Metagenics provides supplements in: women's health, cardiometabolic health, men's health, gastrointestinal health, bone health, metabolic detoxification and many more.


  • Publications

    Top 5 tips to manage dry skin

    'The best moisturizers are those with a healthy composition of multi-functional ingredients,' writes Chris Wong

    8 basic sleep hygiene tips to help manage insomnia at home

    'Alcohol should not be used to manage insomnia,' writes Chris Wong

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